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Our Concierge & Reception Services

Our concierge and reception service is second to none; our staff have specialist knowledge and years of experience in greeting guests and ensuring a pleasant visit or stay.

Available whenever you need them, our reception staff are always keen to help and provide assistance. We can cater our concierge service to your specific operation times, whether that be in the busy rush of your prime business hours, or even in quieter periods such as late evenings or night.

If you have any questions, or need advice about any specifics when it comes to recruiting our concierge and reception services, or want to book a consultation, get in contact with us today and we can discuss how to best provide you with the best experience.

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Customer Service

Our trained and professional staff excel in communication, hospitality, and guest management. They create a welcoming and positive environment, ensuring that clients and visitors receive personalised attention and assistance.

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Comprehensive Solutions

We handle a wide range of tasks and requests, such as managing guest arrivals and departures, handling reservations and bookings, organising events, and providing information. We cater to the unique requirements of each client.

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Time Management

Our ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritise them, and ensure smooth operations is what makes us shine. We streamline processes, minimise wait times, and provide prompt solutions to all our client's requests.

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Image & Security

Our staff are well-groomed and uniformed, with a professional appearance. We also understand security protocols, control measures, and emergency response procedures to ensure the total safety of clients and visitors.

By prioritising health and safety, we provide a trustworthy and reliable service that puts the well-being of our clients first

About Our Concierge & Reception Services

What hours can a facilities concierge work?

Our concierge staff work at hours that suit your facility's needs. We can work out a schedule so that your facility is staffed at all hours, at business hours, or simply in its busiest hours as needed.

What are the duties of a concierge?

As the first port of call for most facilities that are open to the public, reception staff have a responsibility quite unique to other members of a facility team:

Greeting customers
Answering phones

Mail handling

Appointment scheduling

Managing visitor access

Managing facility issues

Providing facility information

Responding to inquiries

Will the same staff rotate at our facility?

If your facility is one that likes to develop a sense of community and familiarity, we can provide you with consistent staff that both you and your guests can become acquainted with. We understand that it can often be frustrating in a turnover to teach new people how a facility works and where everything is; to combat this and retain a consistent feeling to your facility, we often provide the same people in a given schedule, which not only works for the individual concierge, but for you and your guests, visitors, or occupants.