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Our Drainage Services

We are able to attend to any and all drainage problems on the interior and exterior of your facility with the help of our partner company, Grey-Water Drainage Solutions.

Our drainage services consist of proactive and reactive draining, the use of pumps, tanks, CCTV surveys, and more. With our highly-trained professionals, we can attend to any problems you may find with your drainage system.

If you have any questions, need advice about any specifics when it comes to drainage maintenance and repair for your facility, or want to book a consultation, get in contact with us today for a more comprehensive and in-depth look at your drains.

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Expertise & Experience

Our team have extensive experience in handling various drainage issues, with expertise in diagnosing problems with a host of drainage systems and the surrounding works, implementing effective solutions in order to patch any problem or maintain the smooth running of the system, and providing reliable advice to customers.

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Advanced Tech & Equipment

We invest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment to offer efficient, high-quality services. We use tools such as CCTV cameras for inspections, hydro-jetting equipment for deep cleaning, and trenchless repair techniques, which can streamline the process and minimise disruption to staff, occupants, and visitors.

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Prompt, 24/7 Availability

Drainage emergencies can occur at any time, so we pride ourselves on providing a prompt response at all hours of the day, whenever is needed. We are committed to addressing urgent issues as soon as possible, in sociable and unsociable hours, ensuring peace of mind and eliminating the potential for any further damage.

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Solutions & Maintenance

We offer a range of services beyond fixing immediate problems. Comprehensive solutions such as drainage system design and mapping, installation, and ongoing maintenance plans are drawn up and implemented to address both immediate concerns and long-term drainage needs for both old and new systems.

By prioritising health and safety, we provide a trustworthy and reliable service that puts the well-being of our clients first

About Our Drainage Services

What drainage services do you supply?

As detailed above, we work with our partner company to deliver comprehensive drainage maintenance and repair. This includes the following services:

CCTV Drain Surveys






Pre-Planned Maintenance




How we operate our drainage services

Typically we will undertake a CCTV drain survey to identify the immediate cause of the problem. We will then clear any blockages we find, or provide a quote for repair if any damage is found. In future, this will save you money on repeat services.

What are the signs of poor drainage in my facility?

There are a few signs to look out for in your facility that may point to faults in your drainage system:

Cracks in the foundation

Cracks can be caused by water build-up around the foundations of a building, which will lead to structural damage.

Slow draining sinks or toilets

Plumbing fixtures draining slowly could be a sign of a drainage issue.

Standing water

A drainage system that fails will force water through and cause areas of standing water and damp.

Insect infestation

Insects can be drawn to standing water, which could create a pest problem.


If you smell any particularly foul odours, this may be a sign that stagnant water or debris has mixed due to a faulty or leaky drain.